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Enjoy the Duluth Shipping Season Before it Ends

Enjoy the Duluth Shipping Season Before the 2019 season comes to a closeWe love to talk about the shipping season here in Duluth.  Watching these giant ships pull into the Duluth Harbor, passing under the Aerial Lift Bridge, is an iconic part of Duluth’s imagery.  Ship watching should certainly be at the top of your list of things to do at least once while you’re in Duluth, and with around 900 vessels pulling into the harbor each year, odds are good you’ll see at least one when you’re here. The shipping season usually starts in March, as soon as the ships are able to get past the ice.  Depending on winter conditions, it can last into January. The 2019 shipping season in Duluth kicked off officially on March 22, 2019, when the Duluth Lift Bridge was raised to clear a path for the Kaye E. Barker as she left the harbor. A few weeks later, Maria G was the first “saltie” to pull into the Duluth Harbor. This fall, come enjoy the Duluth Shipping season with us. Before you know it, winter will be here and Duluth’s harbor will be quiet.  Book your room at our Duluth Bed and Breakfast today.

Duluth Shipping Schedule for the Rest of 2019

There are 2 different types of ships that visit the port in Duluth’s harbor regularly. The first of these, which makes up the bulk of boat traffic, is called “Lakers.” Lakers are large, bulk carriers that are built specifically to sail on the Great Lakes–in fact they are too large to fit through the St. Lawrence Sea Way. The biggest of these boats are over 1,000 feet long, with a carrying capacity of nearly 70,000 short tons. These are often the black of red-hulled ships you’ll see Enjoy the Duluth Shipping Season Before the 2019 season comes to a closepulling into Duluth’s harbor. The other ships you’ll see pulling into Duluth are referred to as “Salties.” Salties are often much more colorful, often seen with green, blue, and red. The salties are much smaller than their laker companions, with their max size being 740 feet.

The shipping schedule for Duluth is posted in various places online. The Duluth Shipping News used to be the go-to resource for vessel information, but it has since stopped operations. Now, our favorite source for information is Harbor Lookout, which tells you about the ships themselves, their estimated time of departure/arrival, and also offers a series of webcams that give you up-to-the-minute data about ships pulling into the harbor. It also offers data for Two Harbors, MN, Superior, WI, and Silver Bay, MN.

Exploring Canal Park

Duluth’s lift bridge is located adjacent to the Canal Park Neighborhood, thus making this a popular place to watch the ships come and go. Canal Park is one of the most popular places to explore in Duluth. The origins of Duluth’s Lakewalk are here, as are many restaurants, breweries, shops, and art galleries to explore. You should also take the time to visit The Maritime Museum, which is located inside the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center. This free museum offers an inside look at the people, ships, and businesses that built the ports around Lake Superior.

Relax in Luxury at our Duluth Inn

After experiencing what is, for many, the perfect day in Duluth, come back to the A.G. Thomson House to relax. We’re ideally located just minutes from Duluth’s top attractions, including Canal Park and the lift bridge. Treat yourself and add on one of our unique and customized packages, each of which is sure to enhance your stay. Come enjoy Duluth’s shipping season with us soon, before the 2019 season comes to a close.  Book your room at the A.G Thomson House Bed and Breakfast.

Stay Small, Stay Safe

We’re excited to welcome you back for a visit! We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation but are also happy to be on the road to recovery. Find out how you can stay small, stay safe with your future getaway to Duluth!

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