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Snow, Snow, Snow!

Remember when I blogged about just needing the snow, well it has arrived.  Duluth received its first big snow storm yesterday dropping up to 9 inches around the Duluth area, more in other areas.  We also experienced quite a temperature drop as many did around the state.  Yet, for those of us fortunate to be inside, it is quite beautiful.  I think one of the most beautiful skies is after a big snow storm.  It always seems to become so clear, and of course the air becomes very crisp! 

Tim shot a few pictures around the house and on the grounds today.  He was happy to use his new snowblower too, but didn’t especially enjoy the air temp! Be sure to check out our new photo gallery too.  We have added some of our holiday photos that were shot by Paramount Pixels, and also created some different galleries to view.  We hope you enjoy this new format and we will continue to add photos!

Snuggle by the fire, fix a cup of hot cocoa, watch a Holiday movie or two, and enjoy this cold evening with your loved ones!

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