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Romantic Delights and Enhancements: A Duluth Treat!

005When you think of a Bed and Breakfast, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Maybe it’s a big, beautiful historic home to enjoy, an escape from the busyness of life for much needed quiet time, or a romantic getaway for new couples, couples who need a break from their children, or those just looking to rekindle a spark.  Whatever the reason, by choosing a Bed and Breakfast, and especially the AG Thomson House Bed and Breakfast, it is a decision well made!

We take great pride in doing all we can to ensure that, for whatever reason you are here, it becomes one of your most enjoyable and memorable experiences ever!

With that in mind, we are also always thinking of ways we can help enhance your stay – covering many of the reasons above, and more, for choosing to stay at our Duluth Bed and Breakfast.  We currently offer a multitude of add-on packages that can help in adding that little extra special touch.  And this year, we have come up with a few new ones that we hope will be enjoyed for your special getaway.

imagesOur first new package is for our guests that have a Gluten allergy.  While gluten allergies are becoming more recognized, it can still be difficult to find a bed and breakfast that can or will offer a little something extra for our gluten or celiac guests.  Well, we have changed that and now offer the “Tasty Gluten Free Snack Package”.  This add-on package is full of gluten free snacks plus some wine and chocolate to top it off…how great is that!


Another new package added to our repertoire is the “Do Not Disturb” Package.  And this means just what it says…you do not want to be disturbed!  This package will allow you to hunker down in your room, and let the world go by outside.  We will have a light snack tray awaiting your arrival, a gift card to “order in” some food, breakfast delivered to your room, and of course, wine and chocolates to top it off!

DoNotDisturbAnd finally, taking the “Do not Disturb” Package to the next level is the “Minnesota Nice or Naughty Package”. Yes, a little bit of “Fifty Shades” added to your stay isn’t so bad!  This is a very sexy, romantic, and intimate package for our couples to help create an experience they will never forget, and will give them a little something to take home! We asked for a little help from our Facebook fans in naming this one, so just a little shout out to one of our “regular” guests, Brian O’Konek, who came up with the perfect name!

These three new packages are just a few in the many different options that we offer our guests looking for something extra, whether romantic or just simply to relax, unwind and enjoy time away from day-to-day life.  Take a good look at our extensive list of add-on packages, and the next time you are thinking about that getaway, what better reason than to make Duluth and the AG Thomson House Duluth Bed and Breakfast your first choice!

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We’re excited to welcome you back for a visit! We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation but are also happy to be on the road to recovery. Find out how you can stay small, stay safe with your future getaway to Duluth!

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