Refined Retreats!

Work continues around the AG Thomson House.  We have recently refined the look in a couple of our rooms.  The Mayor’s Chamber has acquired new, rich furniture to show off it’s classic, rich tones.  A large Armoire now rests perfectly against the beautiful, classy wallpaper, and the tall headboard mimics the detail of the original fireplace mantel.  The addition of a gloriously comfortable leather chair completes the space. This room has always envoked a sense of “richness”, but we think it’s even better now!

The other room getting a new, updated look is the Brule River Retreat.  The Brule had very large, bulky log furniture taking up a great deal of space.  We have refined the look in that room with the rich furniture that once warmed the Mayor’s Chamber.  With a new furniture layout, and change in some of the decor, the Brule is now more spacious and a lot less “loggy”!  We have also posted some of our amateur shots in our photo gallery until we get the wonderful Paramount Pixels back here to make us look fantastic.  With it’s new look, we think it deserves a new name too, but have yet to come up with just the right one.  Any ideas??

122.JPG118.JPG114.JPG 112.JPG