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“Quiet” Season???

It’s been quite awhile since our last post, so it’s about time to catch up!

This time of the year is supposed to be a Duluth Innkeeper’s “quiet” season; a season where you take some time to relax and plan for the upcoming summer.  Well, it has been anything but quiet around here.  We have been planning for the upcoming season in many ways, while also enjoying the guests that have decided this is not their quiet season!  We feel very fortunate and thank all of our guests who have chosen to stay with us and share our home.  We have and will continue our efforts to improve not only the Inn and each of our rooms, but also the type of amenities and comforts that we can offer our guests.

Our most recent completion and update took place in the Ryerson Suite.  Guests staying in this wonderful space will find a newly updated and renovated bathroom to match the already updated bedroom and sunroom.  We think this may be our new favorite room!!  The changes that took place include a new, state of the art, Queen Size Aero Massage Whirlpool Tub.  This tub has earned rave reviews from its most recent guests.  By massage, we mean 28 jets of glorious luxury!   The jets on this tub are protected by a check valve that prevents bath water from entering the air induction system, thus offering the ultimate in hygienic protection!  Also, in our continual efforts to live and work green, we have installed a duo-flush commode in the Ryerson Suite providing our guests the option to participate in water conservation.  The soft, warm tones of this room compliment the incredible amenities this room now offers.  We will have new room photos up and posted within the next few weeks to provide the true sense of beauty and luxury this room now offers.
What we are most pleased with in this new bathroom is that it is not only €œstate of the art€ in its amenities, but we have maintained the integrity of this beautiful and historic home by choosing fixtures, tile, and decorating details that work and blend perfectly for its 100th birthday!

The Ryerson Suite is not the only room to have undergone a transformation during the “quiet” season.  The Brule River Retreat also received a new look!  Guests will no longer find a cabin at this Bed and Breakfast.  You will instead be treated to an updated and refined look with a beautiful sleigh bed, updated lighting fixtures, mosaic sitting table, and new arrangement in the furniture offering more comfort and space.

For those guests staying in one of the Upper Carriage House rooms (Brule or North Shore Retreat), you will find a strategically placed mini-refrigerator when you walk through the door.  We have added this amenity particularly to provide our guests some extended options of what guests in the main house receive.  The refrigerator is stocked with sodas and water, and each morning we bring a thermos of hot coffee and hot water, allowing guests to avoid the cold temps first thing in the morning.  It is a wonderful convenience that has been a long time coming!

Check out our Guest Room page, and our Policies and Information page, for more details on what the A.G. Thomson House has to offer.  We are continually striving to offer our guests the highest level of comfort, convenience, and hospitality.  We keep our ears, eyes, and minds wide open for comments and suggestions; listening and learning from our guests which is the reason why we are here.  Thank you for making the A.G. Thomson House Trip Adivor’s #1 Bed and Breakfast in Duluth AND Minnesota € this is truly an honor that speaks to our guests and our commitment to you!                                    brule-2.jpgRyerson SuiteNewly renovated Ryerson Suite

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