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I Love my Kids, BUT…

As relatively new “empty nesters”, and having experienced a few urgent phone calls home from our college freshman, a thought came to mind one day. How many parents out there; whether new, seasoned, or empty nesters, are constantly giving and giving to their kids – selflessly and without a second thought about themselves. We love and adore our children, and want to give them the very best as parents, and the best opportunities that we possibly can in today’s world. But we also need to take a step back on occasion, and put ourselves and our relationships first. We will be better people, better partners, and better parents for it. So as I hung up from the phone call from my fantastic child (we are very lucky parents), I said to myself…”I love my daughter, but…” and hence the new package addition!

Whether it’s this package, or any one of many others that we offer, we urge you to take time for yourselves and your relationships. A stay at the A G Thomson House in spectacular Duluth MN is a great way to start!

Stay Small, Stay Safe

We’re excited to welcome you back for a visit! We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation but are also happy to be on the road to recovery. Find out how you can stay small, stay safe with your future getaway to Duluth!

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