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Geek Prom

It’s the best Nerdfest in the Midwest – enough said!  Not quite…we were fortunate to have perhaps the best “geeks” stay with us at the AG Thomson House on the 18th of April for Geek Prom!  We had such a great time visiting with Steve and Tasha, and then sending them off to the “PROM” like proud parents!  Below are some pictures that they were so kind to share with us.  We also enjoyed great discussion about our 4 legged family members too, and at their request, were able to introduce one of them.  We always keep our “4 leggeds” in our private space, but will happily introduce them to anyone who is interested.  Also below are Tasha & Steve’s adorable family members, Atticus and Zoey, in pictures!!

A huge thank you, as always!  We really enjoyed sharing our home and this great event with you – your spirit is just wonderful and anyone meeting you is instantly in a great mood and enriched! 

tasha-before-geek-prom.jpg   steve-at-the-pump-organ.jpg  steve-and-tasha-at-geek-prom.jpg  Zoey  Atticus

Stay Small, Stay Safe

We’re excited to welcome you back for a visit! We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation but are also happy to be on the road to recovery. Find out how you can stay small, stay safe with your future getaway to Duluth!

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