California Dreamin’!

Last week, we had the great pleasure of having a flight crew from California stay with us for a few days.  While they enjoyed a relatively warm day on Saturday, they did experience some of our legendary cold temps when they arrived.  Nonetheless, they embraced Duluth and the beauty it has to offer during the winter season.  From nordic skiing in Lester Park to down hill skiing at Spirit Mountain, they were able to get a sense of why we live here.  

So, to expand on the title above, below is a picture of why Californians are pretty tough too!  We had decided to leave our hammock up this winter with the simple reasoning that we can look out the window and dream of warmer days.  Well, who needs warmer days.  A lesson for all of us to embrace the beauty and opportunities that Duluth has to offer each day; no matter what the season. 

A big thank you to Ben, Paul, and Lori! It was such a pleasure!