Watching Boats in the Duluth Harbor

Shipwatching in Duluth Harbor, MinnesotaSummer is almost over in Duluth.  As hard as that may be to believe, it’s nevertheless true.  Fall is just around the corner, and that means cooler weather is on the way.  There’s no place better than Duluth for a final getaway this summer.  Duluth is home to a thriving, adventurous community, with rocky cliffs, trail-laden forests, and a beautiful harbor that is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.  The Duluth harbor is picturesque, and home to the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge.  One of our favorite pastimes during these warmer months in Duluth is watching the shipping traffic coming and going through this bridge, into the Beautiful harbor and its surrounding Canal Park neighborhood.  It doesn’t matter what plans you make while here; all that matters is that you enjoy what is sure to be an unforgettable vacation. Relax in style at our luxurious Duluth Inn, and let our Innkeepers shower you with our impeccable hospitality.  Book your room today.

Visit the Picturesque Duluth Harbor

Though it may seem like a simple idea at first, it won’t take you long to see why ship watching in Duluth is a favorite pastime of locals and visitors alike.  Ships were once considered part of the industrial landscape.  Today, they are a romantic icon. With over 1,000 ships that call in it’s harbor each year, it’s no wonder that we’ve learned to love the sight of these massive vessels on our horizon.  Boats usually start pulling into the Duluth Harbor around the end of March, or as soon as the ice begins to melt, and they continue through January until the ice is too thick to pass through. Visitors to Duluth can keep track of all shipping traffic coming to and from Duluth via Duluth Shipping News.

Every boat’s journey into the Duluth Harbor begins with the Aerial Lift Bridge, which was completed in 1905.  The sound of its bell ringing is signal to the people of Duluth to come down to the harbor, where they can sit and enjoy a beer while watching the lifting bridge in front of them. The Canal Park neighborhood is a great place to watch ships come and go.  It’s one of the most popular neighborhoods in Duluth, and for good reason.  It’s home to the Great Lakes Aquarium, the William A. Irvin Museum, Bayfront Park, Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC), Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center, Canal Park Brewing Company, On the Rocks Art Gallery, The Duluth Playhouse, and a variety of great restaurants and shops worth exploring.  Canal Park is also home to one end of Duluth’s famous Lakewalk.

If you’re interested in getting on the water yourself, there are plenty of companies offering charters and sightseeing tours around the harbor.  The Vista Fleet offers visitors an informative 1½-hour narrated cruise from early May through October.  You can also see the harbor from an entirely different vantage point, and enjoy a paddle with The Duluth Experience, one of the top-rated tour companies in Duluth.

Watching massive ships pull into the Duluth harbor through the Aerial Lift Bridge is an experience you won’t soon forget.  One look at the sparkling blue waters of Lake Superior, and you’ll understand why people flock to this area.  Go ahead and treat yourself to a getaway this summer; you won’t regret it! Book a room at our Duluth Bed and Breakfast today!