Fall Birding Destinations in Duluth

Duluth fall birding hotspotDuluth is an exciting place to visit, with an abundance of outdoor activities to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.  From lush forests, expansive bodies of freshwater, and rocky outcroppings just begging to be explored, you won’t soon run out of activities to enjoy here in Duluth.  Though most of us are still enjoying the long, warm days of summer, fall and all of it’s wonderful opportunities are just around the corner.  One of our guests favorite things to do during the early fall months, as the weather begins to cool and the colors begin to change, is to head out for a day of birding.  Whether you’re a long time birding enthusiast or would just like to give it a try, there’s no better place than Duluth.  Make our Bed and Breakfast your home base, and start exploring the best fall birding hotspots Duluth has to offer.

Birding Destinations

One of the best places to go birding this fall is the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory.  The first “Hawk Watch” during the annual bird migration through Duluth began in 1951, eventually growing so big that the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory was established in 1972.  Today, this beautiful area is home to over 350 acres of pristine land, and is a prime birding destination just outside the city of Duluth.  In fact, Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory is extremely well known, with birding enthusiasts traveling from all over the world to enjoy the sights and sounds of the annual bird migration in the fall.  During peak migration times, visitors to the observatory can see a wide variety of hawks coming from as far north as the Arctic, heading for their warm winter breeding grounds as far south as points in South America. Over 20 species of raptors have been seen along the ridges, with the most rare of them being the peregrine falcon and gyrfalcon. Birding Destinations Duluth

Though migration in Duluth begins in mid-August, peak migration occurs in mid-September to late-October, with a few species trickling in until December.  Although Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory is certainly a must-see birding destination, the Duluth Audobon Society also maintains a wonderful collection of birding maps to help you enjoy this activity to its fullest.  Other popoular birding hotspots in the Duluth area are featured along the North Shore Birding Trail, and include popular places such as Park Point Recreational Area and the Sax Zim Bog.  At the latter, you’re likely to encounter some beautiful Great Grey Owls, as well as 240 other species of migrant and breeding birds.  Fall in Duluth is beautiful, and offers some of the best birding opportunities in Minnesota.  Book your room today so you don’t miss your chance to stay at our luxurious Bed and Breakfast Inn this fall.