2019-2020 Season of Duluth Hockey

Hockey Games in Duluth for the 2019-2020 seasonAre you interested in watching a Duluth hockey game or two this year? As the trees finish up with their annual color display and the season of hiking, biking, and kayaking/boating come to an end, it’s time we turn our attention to Duluth’s popular winter sports.  For many, that means it’s time to break out to skis for their annual waxing and tuning. Downhill skiing and snowboarding, and other activities like cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and fat-tire biking are incredibly popular each winter in Duluth. But winter also means it’s time to enjoy some of the best hockey in Minnesota, and you’ll find it right here in Duluth! Whether you have season tickets to hockey games or just come to town for a game or two throughout the season, our luxury Duluth Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place to stay after a game.  Book your room with us today!

2 Great Duluth Hockey Teams to Watch in 2019-2020

Though hockey is pretty popular all across the state of Minnesota, Duluth is actually the state’s capital of outdoor hockey. There are more than 30 ice hockey venues around the city, and many of them are outdoors. If you’re looking to join a hockey league, turn to the Duluth Amateur Hockey Association. They also 2 Great Duluth hockey teams to watch for the 2019-2020 seasonhost a number of tournaments throughout the year, which bring droves of visitors to the Duluth area. In addition to hosting high school hockey programs and the Amateur Hockey Association, the Duluth Heritage Sports Center also hosts public adult open skate events and open hockey.

Competitively, there are two great hockey teams that call the Duluth area home. The University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) Bulldogs have both men’s and women’s hockey teams, and both play at the DECC in the Amsoil Arena. The men’s Bulldogs open the regular season on October 11, with the team looking for the NCAA’s first three-peat in 66 years. The men’s team has already won two back-back championships and will be only the 8th NCAA Division I team to seek this coveted title for the third time. The last time this happened was in 1952-53 when the Michigan Wolverines being the lone school to complete the quest 66 years ago got their three-peat.

The UMD women’s team has already hosted their home opener, and their season looks to be off to a promising start. There are still plenty of matches left to watch, with games running all the way into March of 2020.

Lodging for Hockey Games

If you’re in town for a Duluth hockey game and are looking for lodging, consider the luxury accommodations at our Duluth Bed and Breakfast. Each stay includes your choice of our luxuriously appointed guest rooms, modern amenities, and a delicious breakfast each morning of your stay. We’re situated within easy reach of Canal Park and the DECC, where you can enjoy dinner before a game. Whether you’re in town for an upcoming game or tournament, or just want to see a hockey match up close and personal, there’s no better place to stay when in Duluth than our luxury Bed and Breakfast.  Book your room with us today.