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A visit from one, er, nine of our furry friends!

We are enjoying the season these days.  We have had a nice snowfall and it is continuing today.  It’s that type of day for sitting down with a cup of cocoa and making out Christmas cards to family and friends; not too much to make things difficult, but nice enough to enjoy!  Or better yet, a perfect day to stay at a Bed and Breakfast and snuggle in front of a warm and cozy fire with hot cocoa or a glass of wine, and of course your favorite special someone!

The holiday tour that took place on Sunday was a lot of fun, and it snowed right on cue for the start of the tour.  It set the stage for an enjoyable time.

As we sat at our computer yesterday afternoon, which is situated right in front of a large window in the kitchen, we were visited by nine of our furry friends.  We have a birdfeeder right outside the window, and wondered aloud yesterday how it could have emptied so fast overnight.  Well, we found out.  One of the deer walked right up to the feeder as we sat here, and began shaking it.  His, or her, friends weren’t far behind as they casually strolled through the grounds ultimately ending up on the hill.  After all, I guess it is a bed and breakfast with no prejudice on how much fur a “guest” can or cannot have! (:   Enjoy your day everyone!

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