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A Baby in Springtime!

A G Thomson House NewbornWaiting for MommyTrying to keep upWait for me Mommy!

Seeing many, many deer on the grounds of our Duluth Minnesota Bed and Breakfast is not an unusual thing around here.  It’s a daily occurence; one of the reasons why we believe our location is one of the most unique and ideal spots to share with our guests in Duluth.  Not only do we enjoy over two acres of secluded grounds in the Congdon Mansion District with wonderful wildlife, but also enjoy the breathtaking majesty of Lake Superior right from our front porch.

Well, we had an amazing treat today.  As usual, we watched our family of deer meander through taking a munch here and there, but were shocked to see a newborn fawn following along today –  Our own little “Bambi” following its mommy.  At the AG Thomson House, there is always romance in the air and apparently the deer have taken advantage of the atmosphere around here too!!

Come and join us; you’re likely to capture some of the romance!

Stay Small, Stay Safe

We’re excited to welcome you back for a visit! We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation but are also happy to be on the road to recovery. Find out how you can stay small, stay safe with your future getaway to Duluth!

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